MOOC Office 365 Business Licenses

MOOC Office 365 Business

The MOOC Office 365 Business is a training and communication platform available in French and English. Address your Office 365 end user’s training needs by taking advantage of the Office 365 offer. Use it to accelerate end user adoption.

Different resources are available:

  Over 1,000 video tutorials to train on a specific feature
    80 use case scenarios to know what tools to use for everyday situations
    Over 50 courses and 30 learning paths

Access webconferencing courses for live interaction with office 365 experts on any subject.

The MOOC Office 365 Business license gives you unlimited access to training content available on the MOOC Office 365 Business (courses, learning paths, tutorials, use case scenarios, live training sessions with our trainers, webinars and social networking).

MOOC Office 365 Resources

Learning Paths

The platform includes more than 100 thematic and business-oriented learning paths and courses and continues to grow each month with new Office 365 solutions.

Use Case Scenarios

These short videos introduce new Office 365 products by highlighting an everyday business situation. This enables users to project themselves into the practical application of Office 365 tools and features. 

Video tutorials

These short videos offer more technical help on the functionality of Office 365 tools. The platform has now over 1,000 videos available.


Our online courses offer participants a live interaction with Office 365 expert trainers.

The Benefits of MOOC Office 365

Company team

Successful Digital Transformation

Complete the deployment of Office 365 by rethinking relationships between employees, sharing information and meeting mobility needs.

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A connection via the Office 365 account, an intuitive and fun platform with a non-binding monthly subscription. Unlimited, 24-hour access to content.

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Make the most of Office 365 by promoting end user adoption, increasing employee productivity and accelerating the return on investment of IT projects.

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Tracking licenses and user activity.